February 8, 2022

Youtube Video Downloader

Youtube Video Downloader

How To Download Youtube Videos

Method 1: Edit link

  • Visit You tube, click on the video you wish to download. add ‘vv’ to m.youtube.com or youtube.com, Make it look like this > m.youtubevv.com or youtubevv.com
  • Click on send buttons. You will immediately be redirected to vividownloader.com to complete download.
  • Wait for the video to load on our website, choose a video format to download or select the covert to mp3 option to complete process. 

Method 2: Copy Link

If you don’t like the first method, you can try the second method.

  • Visit website, right click on the video link to get copy link option or click to watch video, check at the top bar and highlight the link. Or find the share button on the video post to copy link. 
  • Copy the link, visit vividownloader.com or check the header section of the page for a search box or via our mobile app to paste link on the search box. Click the download button to proceed.
  • Wait for the process to complete, choose the video for or choose to convert the video to mp3 and click on the ‘Dowbload Button’ To complete process. 

Note: if any error pops up, try to check the copied link, if it is correct and try again. But if “No Media” error comes on, make sure you edit our link from the top bar, change from http to https and try again

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